A family tradition at Starr Ranch Growers

When giving back to the community has been a tradition since the beginning, it just feels right.

We strive to give back to the communities that have helped us so much, just as Paul (Tommy) Thomas Sr. did when he first founded Starr Ranch Growers in 1934.

Because orchards are such an integral part of our little valley we feel the responsibility to give back to the place and the people that have given so much towards this industry. From generation to generation giving back to the community has been a family tradition at Starr Ranch Growers. Every quarter we select local charities or groups to support with donations in various ways.

Giving Back

We Support Our Communities

The organizations we support have been picked because they mean something to us.
They play a part in our community and we want them to continue to do so.

Starr Ranch Growers is proud to support the following organizations:
Local Soccer, Baseball, Football and Dance programs, Mission Ridge Ski team, The Christmas families, Apple Blossom sponsorship, Hood River High School and sports teams.

Our Social Responsibility

Three Areas of Responsibility

From fueling orchards with world-famous compost to providing employees and their dependents with a healthy work environment, we focus on three areas of responsibility for program initiatives:

Giving back to the community isn't just something we believe in here at Starr Ranch, it's something we participate in every day. We believe that when you work in the same place that you play you owe it to the land and the people to leave it a little better than how you found it.

There are two main ways that we give back to the community around us, one is by making sure our employees have everything they need to live a healthy life and the other is to make sure the community that we love so much is just as strong as ever.

Keeping our orchards sustainable has always been a goal of ours and in order to do so, we had to take something that was normally used in small-scale productions and take it to a whole new level.

Composting has long been a thing for smaller scaled productions but we found we can use it successfully to keep our orchards healthy and sustainable. It’s equal parts science and art, but the benefits to the environment and fruit trees are worth all of the effort it takes to turn green waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer. This prescriptive food ensures each tree gets the nutrient mix it specifically needs and helps it produce fruits with better flavors. Compost also strengthens a tree’s natural defense system. Aside from flavorful fruit, regenerating green and natural waste into compost prevents hundreds of truckloads of waste from filling up area landfills each year. 

We at Starr Ranch pride ourselves on being a company that strives to leave our earth cleaner than how we found it. Some of the steps that we have taken in order to ensure that is by using energy-efficient lighting, COscrubbers, electric forklifts, and recycling. These steps plus much more are what allows Starr Ranch Growers to realize our dream of being a sustainable and eco-friendly company. 

A family tradition at Oneonta