Starr Ranch Growers Apples

Our history as a leading Northwest apple shipper goes all the way back to 1934, when our founder, Paul Thomas, and his family formed Oneonta Trading Corporation in Wenatchee and became the first exporter of Washington apples. Well, times have changed, but our pioneering spirit has not. We’ve expanded significantly both in physical size and in marketing reach since those early years and now, as an award-winning leader in Washington tree fruit, proudly pack and ship apples from more than 4,000 acres in production.

Apples are our biggest-volume item at 13 million cartons each year, and our conventionally grown varieties from Washington include the classic Red Delicious and it's sister, the mild and sweet Golden Delicious, as well as the tart and pie-perfect Granny Smith, the fragrant and sweet Fuji, sweet and mellow Gala, snappy and sweet Honeycrisp, tart-but-sweet Pink Lady, spicy-sweet Braeburn and the juicy and aromatic Jonagold. We also ship New Zealand Honeycrisp and the new Braeburn/Gala blend from New Zealand known as the Koru.

Two kids taking a bite of a healthy apple.

All About Apples

Starr Ranch Growers grows, packs and ships over 15 million cartons of apples annually. Washington’s production has gone from 52 million boxes in 1976 to nearly 152 million boxes last year.  A surprising amount of growth has taken place in just the last five years. Two-thirds of all U.S. apples are now grown in Washington State.

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