KORU® Apples

Crisp. Sweet. Naturally Delicious.

A gift from nature. From a discarded apple in a rose garden, grew a seedling... which grew into an extraordinary new apple variety.

The KORU® apple is on the large side, with an attractive orange-red color over a yellow background. The shape is squat with some ribbing and russeting around the stem. KORU® is sweet, juicy, and crunchy, like many of the newest apple varieties. The taste is complexly sweet, with subtle tartness and notes of honey, orange juice, spice, and vanilla. It has also been described as cidery, due to its juiciness.

KORU® Apples

All About KORU®

KORU® is multi-packed at peak perfection following specific grade standards for unique orange tinge and consistent perfect quality. Crisp. Sweet. Naturally. Delicious.

Like the KORU®’s parents, this apple is a good all-around variety. KORU®s keep their shape when baked, making them good for pies. They are also slow to brown once cut, so they are ideal in salads or snacks. They pair well with traditional apple spices like cinnamon and brown sugar, especially since they are excellent baking apples. KORU®s are good savers, and can be kept up to four months in the refrigerator.

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