Diamond Starr Growers: Pears

Did you know that Oregon and Washington produce 84 percent of the nation’s fresh pear crop? Let us tell you how we fit into that equation:

A number of years ago Starr Ranch Growers entered into a partnership with Diamond Fruit, one of the oldest cooperatives in the country that represents more than 100 pear and cherry orchardists. Collectively these family-owned orchards, many of them multi-generational, encompass more than 6,000 acres of the Hood River Valley – a vast and fertile area that reaches from the foot of Mount Hood to the banks of the Columbia River.

And the glacial snowmelt from Mount Hood is our pristine water source, key to growing exceptional fruit. We’re proud to say this exceptional quality has resulted in world wide fame for the Diamond Starr Growers pear brand.

But at the same time Mother Nature blesses us with this ideal growing area, our growers themselves combine time-tested traditions with 21st century innovation. The result is consistently high quality fresh fruit shipped to the marketplace.

Today, Diamond Starr Growers and Starr Ranch labels are found on more than 2.5 million cartons of pears annually, with Starr Ranch Growers marketing approximately 14 percent of the nation’s pear crop.

Bowl of pears with water drops

All About Pears

Starr Ranch Growers grows, packs and ships over 15 million cartons of apples annually. Washington’s production has gone from 52 million boxes in 1976 to nearly 152 million boxes last year.  A surprising amount of growth has taken place in just the last five years. Two-thirds of all U.S. apples are now grown in Washington State.

Bartlett  |  sweet + juicy  |  terrific out-of-hand fruit
Red and Green Anjous  |  sweet + juicy  |  great for snacks, in salads and for baking
Bosc  |  sweet + juicy with a hint of spice  |  perfect snack or for baking
Comice  |  very sweet + juicy  |  perfect with cheese or for dessert
Asian  |  sweet + crunchy  |  wonderful for snacking and in salads
Seckel  |  sweet + juicyv luscious for dessert; the
Forelle  |  sweet and oh-so snackable!
Starkrimson  |  sweet and juicy  |  snack, bake or great in salads 

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