Gordy Sato

Gordy Sato does not have the normal story of how he got into farming. He came from a completely different lifestyle which gives him a unique perspective on things.

For Gordy, the first few years of farming were a learning experience, to say the least. “Given my marketing background, I’m naturally a people person, but it took me two years to figure out the art of pruning,” he chuckles.

Sato immersed himself in learning the mechanics of orchard management. From the early mornings making sure everything was ready for the day to flat tires on an airblast sprayer in the dark, broken sprinkler valves and tumbles from ladders were just a few of the early mishaps, but learning every job was key in earning his staff’s respect, he says.

Bin full of green pears

Farming runs in his blood.

Gordy’s grandfather was among the many Japanese who immigrated to the Western United States in the early 1900s and took up pear farming. Today, Sato’s mother, Dorothy, still lives next door and handles the books. Ray Sato Orchards, named after his father, grows seven varieties of pears


Location: Parkdale, OR

Grows: Anjou Pears, Bartlett Pears, Red Anjou Pears, Bosc Pears, Comice Pears, Starkrimson Pears, Concorde Pears

Gory Sato standing in front of bins of pears in an orchard
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