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One Oneonta Way
Wenatchee, WA 98801
United States


Oneonta Trading Corporation is a grower, packer, shipper of premium apples, pears, cherries, stone fruit, citrus and grapes to over 50 countries worldwide. Our global brands include Starr Ranch Growers, Diamond Starr Growers and Starr Ranch Organics. Founded in 1934, the company uses horticultural expertise, quality control, food safety and innovative marketing to keep up with the ever-changing dynamics of the economy. Corporate headquarters are located in Wenatchee, Washington USA.


quality control


New supply chains offer further opportunities for the effective implementation of food safety programs. Increased global consumer awareness of food safety is becoming a major factor in the distribution of fresh products, as well as a distinctive marketing opportunity. As a global shipper, Starr Ranch Growers has made a major commitment to food safety. Our packing facilities are currently in compliance with food quality and safety standards. Additionally, we were one of the first in the US to begin implementing globally-recognized GAP standards in our orchards.

At Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers, food safety is an integral part of our entire operation. The program includes growing, harvesting, warehousing, packing, storage and shipping as well as non-production issues including employee education and training. Food safety issues are integrated into monthly safety meetings attended by employee and management representatives. The warehouse overall objective is to insure that each and every employee understands and executes the objectives of our Food Safety Program.

The Hazard Program is designed to anticipate potential hazards to products and to control this potential throughout the receiving, packing, storing and shipping process. Food safety and quality control is the responsibility of all Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers employees and associated service and product providers. Management provides the guidelines for safe quality products.

Good Management Practices (GMP) is a concept based on teamwork by all employees. Management and supervisors monitor product quality and encourage all employees to help maintain and improve product quality. Although Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers is responsible for the overall GMP we feel that each employee is an integral part of this effort.

Sanitation in general is an important component of Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers Food Safety Program. Maintaining clean facilities and equipment is the front line of a satisfactory food safety program. While protection of the product is essential it is also necessary to take precautions to protect yourself and equipment during the cleaning process.

The Trace Recall Program is designed to isolate and remove potentially hazardous product from the channels of distribution. Mock recalls are conducted on a regular basis to ensure a quick response to protect our valued customers.


OSRG specializes in offering an extremely high level of quality control, with a significant percentage of our apples, pears, stone fruit and cherries coming directly from company-owned orchards. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet your needs for a broad selection of varieties and grades, and feel that knowing our product from the ground up is the best way to accomplish this. Separate inspection teams work on all levels of our growing, packing and shipping operations, ensuring the consistent quality and food safety standard for which Starr Ranch Growers is known.


Qualified horticultural staff provide constant guidance to growers on their field practices, and maintain an ongoing commitment to implementing new, improved varieties.


A team of field inspectors functions seamlessly in coordination with our sales team to ensure consistent quality standards for all of our company-owned and contract packing facilities. Separate inspection teams work on all levels of our growing, packing and shipping operations, including a final set of inspectors who are fully empowered to stop and divert shipments leaving our warehouses.


New frontiers in marketing fresh fruit are opening up as leading edge technologies are becoming available that perform non-destructive testing of fruits to determine taste and storability. Consistency in taste and better shelf-life increase retailers profitability. We understand the importance of your bottom line, and will aggressively implement these technologies as soon as they become commercially viable.