Supporting the Produce Industry

It’s a small world and we just happen to live in the best fruit growing region on earth.

With the emergence of “new” fruit-producing areas and additional product in the retail produce departments each season, where does a 75-year-old grower-packer-shipper-exporter fit into the equation? The answer is simple: SQUARELY IN THE MIDDLE!

We view the fruit universe as vast, and we see our family-owned and operated fruit business as central to the sourcing needs of our customers. Because we are leaders in Washington apples, pears, cherries and other fruit and ship both domestically and globally to our “family” of buyers, we’ve shrunk that big ol’ universe down to size.

If you have any product questions or general inquiries about our company, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our intention is to supply the best fruit!

Todd Fryhover, President of Washington Apple Commission, says,

“Starr Ranch Growers has been instrumental in the international market-place, acting as a good steward of the Washington apple industry and increasing export volumes into key strategic regions of the world.”

And about our global reach, the Commission President adds,

“Always a willingness to investigate new markets, Starr Ranch Growers has been a key player in the development of international markets for Washington’s apple growers for decades.”

Again, the climate of Central Washington in perfect for sweet cherries, and our region is the nation’s leading producer. We offer red, sweet Bings, Lamberts, Vans, Lapins and Sweethearts – and we’re also a major grower of the delicate golden-pink Rainiers.

We appreciate our affiliations with commissions and the benefits we derive from them.

In 2008, when we assumed sales and marketing for Diamond Fruit Growers Inc. of Odell, OR, we became the largest pear marketer in the Northwest.

From his Milwaukie, OR office, PEAR BUREAU NORTHWEST President and CEO Kevin Moffitt says,

“Starr Ranch Growers has always been an important player in the Pear Bureau Northwest, especially on the export side. In the last year it vaulted in one of the top positions in the tonnage.”

Our pear varieties include the early Bartlett and the later-ripening Bosc and D’Anjou as well as Forelle, Seckel, Comice and Concorde. It’s obvious we appreciate our affiliations with commissions and the benefits we derive from them. We also appreciate the wholesale distributors and retailers coast-to-coast and worldwide who make up our buying family.

To all our buying partners, whether here or on the other side of the globe, we want to say thank you.

Thank you for the 75 years of appreciation, cooperation and confidence. Thank you for being the other half of a relationship that we value.

Thank you for your support and for your encouragement. And most of all, thank you for keeping us sharp and pushing us to do better.

You’re more than customers and more than partners. In this world, you’re family.